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A few days ago, Google announced to the world: “we will be expanding our use of mobile friendliness as a ranking signal.” This is a MAJOR change.

Smartphone usage have taking over desktop – this means the majority of visitors to your website have a mobile device and the new generation of mobile users are seldom just surfing the web, they’re looking for specific information about your business whether about opening hours, your location and phone number for services. If your clients can not find what they’re looking for, they will go to your competitor.

The major problem is that most websites are not designed for mobile phones, which makes them hard to read and navigate for mobile users. These websites take too long to load, key information is not displayed prominently and users experience is not good.

Now let’s look at a mobile friendly website and see how they handle their mobile visitors. The difference is huge. These mobile friendly websites are optimized as such they serve the mobile users. All information is easily accessible right from the home screen. Customers can call you with just the click of a button, important details such as directions and opening hours are all easily found. The entire site is designed to automatically re-size to fit all the most popular smartphone devices.

Well, the good news is creating a mobile optimized website has much more benefits than you think and is our expertise. Our Los Angeles Web Designer and Toronto Web Design Team are ready to help. We will do all the hard work and have your up and running with a mobile friendly website that helps you attract ideal clients and get great results.

This will be a huge marketing aspect of your business plan and you want a slice of that pie as soon as possible. Stop giving your clients to your competitors and provide access to your business to millions of potential customers who can contact you today.

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