Great Divide Brewing Company – Like A Hoss

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Hearing Rick Ross say, “Like a Hoss”, is the first thing that comes to mind when I see the label of this brew (don’t ask). Second is the feeling of Fall weather with the red flannel pattern and the gnarly looking dude standing tall with his axe in hand and pipe in mouth. Great Divide has the keen ability to tell a story through their labeling and packaging that gives each of their beers it’s own personality. I may not always be able to tell you the story of how the beer got its name, but I am pretty positive I am able to bring it to life for you. So if this the first time you are experiencing this beer, enjoy the read and then get yourself in touch with your inner Hoss by drink a ‘Hoss’ by Great Divide Brewing Company.

Like A Hoss

I always do enjoy a well-brewed Märzen this time of year so I am glad I woke that inner beast up with ‘Hoss’. Märzen is a German lager that is traditionally dark in color and is the burlier beer of the lager family. You begin to typically see these beers around Oktoberfest season. ‘Hoss’ certainly stayed true to the Märzen family with a nice rich dark amber body and dry finish.

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